Arthur Guinness Projects: The Mobile Library.

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Arthur Guinness Projects - The Mobile Library

Arthur Guinness Projects

The Library Project wants to make its dream a reality: the creation of a mobile library – the opportunity to bring this exciting collection to everyone in Ireland. We have put forward this dream as part of the Arthur Guinness Projects, and we need your support:

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The Arthur Guinness Projects could help you enjoy Ireland’s largest public collection of photobooks, magazines and fanzines as it tours the country, giving you access to the latest and most important publications around Photography. Relax, grab a coffee and experience this unique collection of over 900 items from more than 180 publishers worldwide. Participate in talks, workshops, screenings, and learn more about Photography, self-publishing, and Design.

About The Library Project

The Library ProjectInitiated in 2011 by PhotoIreland Festival, The Library Project offers the public access to an ever-expanding collection of the latest photobooks, magazines and fanzines. Part of the collection is dedicated to highlight the projects of Irish and Irish based artists, becoming an outlet for their work. Over the last years, we received visits from all kind of audiences, in particular universities such asDITIADTNCADSt. Kevin’s CollegeGriffith College, and others. In 2013, the collection has continued to grow, and has been made available online. At The Copper House, our current location, we continue to receive visitors, looking for inspiration, exchanging ideas, researching projects or just coming in to access the latest arrivals. During PhotoIreland Festival 2013, a selection from the library travelled to Limerick, where the curatorial group Occupy Space provided a cozy Reading Room: visitors were invited to browse the publications, as well as to participate in a series of talks.

Why The Library Project?

The Library Project - Image by Frank BrenanOver the last decade, the photobook has become a popular medium for photographers and artists to share and promote their latest projects. The advent of cost-effective methods of production also motivated a self-publishing explosion. It became clear that no public collection, whether in the National Libraries or Universities, could cope with the boom; staying current has become a financial challenge. Adding to this, the market in Ireland has proven too small to attract distributors, disabling bookshops from keeping up with international markets. This in turn, prevents local audiences from accessing a wealth of cultural resources. The aim of The Library Project is to fill-in the cultural vacuum, offering Irish audiences valuable access to the latest and most important publications around Photography. And there is more: an Educational Programme that encourages critical thinking through talks, workshops, and screenings, which will allow participants to learn more about Photography, self-publishing, and Design. The library offers a wealth of inspiration to visitors, not only through the subjects presented in each publication, but also for their production values, such as the materials used, their presentation, and design. The collection also serves to reconnect with the book as a format for cultural dissemination – necessary in this digital age!

Why go mobile?

We have received many requests from visitors over the last years to be certain that there is an interest in the collection being present in many parts of Ireland. Having the collection based in Dublin, means that our reach is quite limited; those in other cities or in underserved areas would have to travel. We want everyone in the country to enjoy this great resource, that’s why the collection will tour around Ireland permanently, with the support of the Arthur Guinness Projects fund.

Picture this:

A gorgeous trailer holding the book collection arrives to your town, sets up at a public market, university or festival, offering you a reading area with tables and comfy chairs. Freestanding bookshelves create a secluded area, and the scent of the coffee being served welcomes you to spend time with the collection. The programme of events invites you to participate actively, meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and enjoy the experience. At night, a large screen offers you selected films, and slideshows from national and international artists—Oh, and it was a pleasure to meet you!

The deadline for voting is August 23rd, and you can vote once a day through the Arthur Guinness Projects page.

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