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The Library Project at Photobook Week Aarhus 2015

By 08/10/2015February 24th, 2019New Irish Works, News

After being on display at the Fotobok Gbg 15, The Library Project’s collection will later travel to Denmark, to join the Photobook Week Aarhus 2015, 8-10 October. The books will be displayed at the gorgeous Library of the Aarhus School of Architecture. The 40 Irish photobooks shown in Aarhus will be complemented with some of the latest international arrivals to the collection, like Ron Jude’s Lago, Carlos Spottorno’s Wealth Management, or JH Engström’s Långt Från Stockholm.

The Photobook Week Aarhus, celebrating its second edition this year, it is a fine example of how collaboration amongst diverse cultural organisations can foster great results. The event is put together with the efforts of Gallery Image, The Jutland Art Academy, and The Aarhus School of Architecture, with Aarhus School of Architecture’s Library as the main venue, and it is curated by international experts, under the direction of indpendent curator Moritz Neumüller.

You can browse through the full list of books from the collection on display, both the selection of Irish photobooks and the 17 selected highlights.

40 Irish Photobooks

Alex Sinclair, Srianta
Anthony Haughey, The Edge of Europe
Anthony Haughey, Disputed Territory
Christine Redmond, Sea Change
Ciarán Óg Arnold, I Went to the Worst of Bars
David Farrell, Innocent Landscapes
David Farrell, The Swallowing Tree
David Greene, Where We Are
Dragana Jurisic, Yu: the Lost Country
Eamonn Doyle, On
Eamonn Doyle, i
Fiona Hackett, Self Storage
Garry Loughlin, Between Spaces
Grainne Quinlan, White Crane Spread Wings
John Duncan, Bonfires
John Duncan, Trees from Germany
Kate Nolan, Neither
Kathrin Baumbach, Colombian Skateboarders
Kenneth O’Halloran, The Handball Alley
Kevin Griffin, Omey Island: Last Man Standing
Laura Curran, Lots of Cake!
Linda Brownlee, Achill
Matthew Thompson, Instance
Martin Cregg, Midlands
Maurice Gunning, Familie: Family
Miriam O’Connor, Attention Seekers
Miriam O’Connor, The Legacy Project
Patrick Hogan, Still
Paul Gaffney, We Make the Path by Walking
PhotoIreland, New Irish Works
PhotoIreland, Martin Parr Best Books of the Decade
Richard Gilligan, DIY / Underground Skateparks
Richard Gilligan, Time/Line
Richard Moss, Infra
Richard Moss, The Enclave
Sean Hillen, Melancholy Witness
Simon Burch, Prospect
Simon Burch, Under a Grey Sky
Willie Doherty, Disturbance
Yvette Monahan, The Time of Dreaming the World Awake

Lastest Additions

David Magnusson, Purity
Amc2 journal Issue 12: Shining in Absence
Amc2 journal Issue 9
Amc2 Journal Issue 2
JH Engström, Långt Från Stockholm
Harvey Benge, Lucky Box: A Guide to Modern Living
Ron Jude, Lago
Peter Puklus, One and a Half Meter
Martin Parr, Chinatown 1984
Carlos Spottorno, Wealth Management
Juli Sing, Kataster
Shunsuke Shiinoki, Encyclopedia of Flowers
Peter Martens, American Testimony
Janire Nàjera, Moving forward, Looking back
Mark Cohen, Dark Knees
The Sochi Project, Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land
Rimaldas Viksraitis, Grimaces of the Weary Village

If you are interested in the collection and want to propose an exhibition, get in touch. Finally, we recently celebrated our 4th anniversary with a great raffle. You can help and support the project with a kind donation anytime.