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Artist Workspaces in Temple Bar

By 20/05/2022October 19th, 2022News
Curved Street

The Arts Office, Dublin City Council in collaboration with the Temple Bar Cultural Trust have announced a new opportunity for artist workspaces in Curved Street (formerly FilmBase building) Dublin 2. Here are the details shared in their newsletter:

12 potential spaces have been identified by Dublin City Council who will be able to offer artists affordable rents for designated workspace.  The Arts Office is keen to engage with the artistic community on an open and competitive process to allocate these units.

As part of the process there will be an information workshop (via Zoom), an Open Day to view the units available and an open application process which will be assessed by a panel.

The former FilmBase Building is located in the centre of Temple Bar and right in the centre of Dublin City’s cultural quarter.

Artists will be provided with designated workspace.  Some are turnkey units whilst others, are spaces that artists may utilise. The City Arts Office understands from its own research that artists can normally pay up to €250 per month for a space of this kind and final pricing will be guided by this research.  Applications can come from individual artists, groups of artists or artistic or cultural organisations interested in specific or multiple spaces. Dublin City Council is committed to engaging with the successful artists on the final outfitting of the unit, allowing the successful artists the ability to co-design their workspace. This is a genuinely exciting opportunity for the artistic community in Dublin.

Information on Units
The units available are spread over 3 floors.

Workspace 1: a large open area, possibly performance / studio
Workspace 2: a small office
Workspace 3: a small office
Workspace 4: a small office
Workspace 5: a small office
Workspace 6: a small office

Ground Floor:
Workspace 7: an open display / performance or work area
Workspace 8: an open display / performance or work area
Workspace 9: an office suite

First Floor:
Workspace 10: a medium office
Workspace 11: a medium office
Workspace 12: a medium office or meeting room

The old FilmBase building is located on Curved Street at the centre of the Temple Bar Cultural Quarter.  Located at the junction with Eustace Street, the building has 5 floors of which the top 2 are already occupied.  The building is managed by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust.
The site is well serviced for public transport with bus stops close by on Dame Street and the Quays.  It is located close to the city centre, close to shops, restaurants, coffee shops.  Another benefit is the 24-hour access.  It is a very well-situated place to set up an artist’s studio/workshop.

The Basement has a large, open space suitable for performance, studio or rehearsal use.  There are then 5 smaller units suitable for an office/storage or other similar uses.

The Ground Floor has a 2 large, open space suitable for display or studio use.  There is also an office suite of 2 connected units.

The First Floor has a 2 medium sized offices.  There is also a room used as a meeting room or potential office use.

Successful artists will take a license from the Dublin City Council.  The exact details of the reduced rent on each unit will be explained to interested parties, as well as, any other terms and conditions at information session(s) and an Open Day organised by Dublin City Council’s Arts Office.  The dates for these are as follows:
Information Session 1: Tuesday 31st May 2022 @ 11.00am A 1-hour session with a presentation by Dublin City Council followed by a question-and-answer session.

Information Session 2: Tuesday 31st May 2022 @ 7.00pm A 1-hour session with a presentation by Dublin City Council followed by a question-and-answer session.

Open Day: An open day will be held on Friday 3rd June 2022 with time slots throughout the day. To choose a time slot and attend the guided tour, you must register here: Guided Tour – Friday 3rd June 2022

The online application form will be available from 9am on Friday 3rd June here:
The closing date for applications will be Wednesday 22nd June 2022 @ 12.00 noon.

The assessor panel will meet in early September and successful artists will be invited to interview before the end of September.  The process of co-design, administration and moving in will begin in late 2022.

For more information contact Ken Germaine on 0834051321 or

Application Process
Dublin City Council is committed to an open, transparent and competitive process.  Applications can come from individual artists, groups of artists working together or artistic organisations.  The Arts Office is interested in hearing the suggestions of artists on how the workspaces can be best utilised.  That being said, there is a formal application process and assessment.
To be eligible to apply, applicants must first ensure that they are tax compliant and must complete the application form along with their proposal. Sufficient detail should be provided in the proposal with supporting documentation so that applications can be properly assessed.

Your proposal should include:
• Details of who you are, your background and work done.  If a collaboration, then the team’s experience and background to your collaboration should be explained.
• Details of the work, project or programme you propose.  In effect, how do you propose to use the workspace and what specific requirements would you have.
• Applicants are asked to provide a Budget with estimates for running the project and outline how you propose to meet these costs.
• An outline of the work you expect to produce and how it will be sold or shown.

Again, for more information on the process you can contact Ken Germaine (0834051321) or email with your queries.  You can also contact the Arts Office, Dublin City Council

It is envisaged that the successful artist(s) will operate the unit under licence of Dublin City Council.

For any enquiries, please contact Ken Germaine on 0834051321 or email: