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FOAM MAgazine number 24 is out now, entitled TALENT

From their web:
“This special Talent issue is the result of our call to young, talented photographers to send us their work.  For the editors, an important criterion was: to what extent does a photograph add something to that which already exists and to what degree are we touched by it because it is unfamiliar, provocative, challenging, or simply because it has a certain something we can’t immediately grasp? After an intensive process of looking, judging and sifting, fifteen out of more than a thousand portfolios remained. We agreed not only that they were the best, but that it would be possible to use them to create a powerful issue of the magazine.”

It includes the work of: Johan BergströmKim Boske | Emile Hyperion Dubuisson | Chris Engman | Melinda Gibson | Pablo Lopez Luz | Benjamin Lowy | Sarah Mei Herman | Toru Nagahama | Alex Prager | Breno Rotatori | Luke Stephenson | Elian Somers | Theo Volpatti | Cyrille Weiner