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Call for PhotoIreland Wiki: review and update your details!

PhotoIreland Wiki

PhotoIreland calls for artists and organisations to review and update their information on the PhotoIreland Wiki during the month of December.

The PhotoIreland Wiki is a public resource database that aims to facilitate the collection of historical data relating to the practice of Photography in Ireland. It includes details of artists, archives, collections, artist workspaces, festivals and events, galleries and museums, publishers, resource organisations and publications. It is free for everyone to access and use. Keeping the resource up to date is essential to maintaining an accurate depiction of the status of contemporary lens based media across the island of Ireland.
To review the information provided in your listing head to and search for your name or the organisation you wish to review.

If you wish to update a listing, email the editor at If you want to add a listing for an artist, be it yourself or someone you consider is missing in the Wiki, or an organisation, or even a publication, please use the adequate submissions form at the bottom of the PhotoIreland Wiki about page.

The PhotoIreland Wiki is constantly used by curators, researchers, and other art professionals, as much as the general public, to gather information about different aspects of Photography in Ireland.