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TLP Editions

What: TLP Editions. 66 publications to date.
When: Ongoing.
The Library Project.
Why: To create a collection of emerging talent and new projects in the form of accessible and inexpensive publications.
Started: July 2017.
Next Edition: Ongoing.

Artists presented in 2017
1 Proverbs, Robert Ellis
2 King’s Road, Kevin Griffin
3 Dreaming of Figure Eights, Mark McGuinness
4 Capital, Ellius Grace
5 Galway Races, George Voronov
6 Útlendingur, Sarah Flynn
7 Each Evening We See the Sun Set, Ruth Connolly
8 Reasons, Cristina Gismondi
9 La Resistencia, James Forde
10 Let the Sun Shine in the Shadows, James Forde
11 Marrow, Jane Cummins

Artists presented in 2018
12 Verges, Clare Gallagher
13 Against the Tide, Rose Comiskey
14 Into the Sea, Gerry Blake
15 You Shall Have Exactly What You Want, Sarah Cullen
16 Moyross Study, Jamin Keogh
17 Lay Her Down Upon Her Back, Roisin White
18 Ephemeral Uncertainty, Josef Kovac

Artists presented in 2019
19 Common Courtesy, Aidan Kelly
20 Descendants, Clare Steele
21 He Suffers With His Nerves, Hue Hale
22 Dr. Nadia Kelbova, Justyna Kielbowicz
23 The Trap Rooms, Dianne Whyte
24 Matera, Bronwyn Andrews
25 Fragments, Guila Berto

Artists presented in 2020
26 South of Cancer, Steven Nestor
27 The Hill, Dylan Davies
28 On our Doorstep, Faolán Carey
29 All Shelters Are Marked With A Sign, Charlotta Hammar
30 Hospes, Hugh Quigley
31 Institutions of Home, Niamh Smith
32 A New Normal
33 Don’t Call Me Baby, Joe Marner
34 Let’s Take the Wrong Way Home, Izabela Szczutkowska
35 Red Illuminates, Jialin Long
36 The Transcendence of Innocent Objects, Sebastian F Mahon
37 An Ode to the Women Before Me, Sibéal Riordan
38 Sleeping Dogs Lie, Aoife Herrity

Artists presented in 2021
39 Paradise Lost I, Richard Gosnold
40 Paradise Lost II, Richard Gosnold
41 Paradise Lost III, Richard Gosnold
42 Saint Patrick’s Days, Frank Miller
43 Beneath / Beofhód, Shane Hynan
44 Hill Close Gardens, Caitriona Dunnett
45 A Well Trodden Path, Caitriona Dunnett
46 The Holding Place, Emma O’Brien
47 In Drift, Alec Moore
48 One Hundred Seconds to Midnight, Daniel Breen
49 F20.5, Glorija Lizde
50 Moore Street Pulse, Aarif Amod
51 Staring at a Painted Sky, Martina Cleary
52 Tony’s Ponys, Zoe Hamill

Artists presented in 2022
53 Flatten, Julia Mejnertsen
54 Footnotes, Ellie Berry
55 Wayside, Sarah Pannell
56 Rough Guide to Limerick, Wally Cassidy
57 what are the roots that clutch, Dorje de Burgh
58 Marfa Sky, Helio León
59 Utopia, Dianne Whyte
60 A Place Like All Others, David Flood
61 Us (& It), Clare Samuel
62 The Random View, Bob Negryn
63 The Land Seen, Bob Negryn
64 Barred, Philip Arneill
65 House Rules, Chris Finnegan
66 From the Front, Letizia Lopreiato



July 2017―October 2022

Numbers 1 to 57 presented in a fluorescent yellow acrylic box.


October 2022―Ongoing
Numbers 58 to (ongoing)