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PhotoIreland Festival 2013

Ireland’s International Festival of Photography & Image Culture.

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232 Artists, 47 Exhibitions, 56 Venues, 25 Events,
+180 Publishers and +800 books.

In 2013, we celebrate the fourth edition of the PhotoIreland Festival. This year we aim to highlight the growing numbers of emerging practitioners in and from Ireland who despite being recognised and published abroad in equal measures may still be struggling to find the right local channels by which to get noticed. This unclassified and unnamed wave of artists has been gathering numbers and strength over the last decade and are pushing their way into international contemporary photography with great success.

Well-informed and well read, some are graduates of third level programmes established and taught by the previous generation of Irish photographers, while others have come from other lands to call this their artistic home. If a time must be found to celebrate their efforts, let this year be it. We have set out to open a conversation around their practice and bring attention to it because it is part of what currently defines us, and it is certainly our future.

The result of this process is New Irish Works, our main exhibition this year. Conceived as a multi-city experience, it offers the selected projects of 25 artists in and from Ireland throughout seven venues in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication of the same title, kindly sponsored and printed by Castle Print, Galway. It is an ambitious exhibition that could not have been produced without the help and support of all our funders, partners and sponsors, and the effort and passion of many individuals, as much as the artists themselves – and we all hope you enjoy it.

We have two very exciting exhibitions at The Copper House Gallery, in Dublin: David Galjaard’s Concresco, and Cristina De Middel’s The Afronauts. Both relatively unknown this time last year, they rapidly gained international recognition on the strength of how their projects translated to the photobook format and its specific narrative. To have these two artists in Dublin, at The Copper House Gallery, is an exceptional opportunity. Do not miss it.

An Uncertain State, the keynote exhibition at the Gallery of Photography Ireland, investigates how photography is responding to the crisis. It presents the works of the Aslyum Archive, Eoin O Conaill, Doug DuBois, David Farrell, Kim Haughton, Paddy Kelly, Lauren McGookin, Paul Nulty, Pete Smyth, and Una Spain. There is a very interesting programme of talks to accompany the show, involving key figures in academia.

The featured exhibitions include a selection of key shows in July, in Dublin, Limerick and Cork: Cruel And Unusual, Sirius Arts Centre; The Artist’s Eye: Photographic Portraits Of Artists, The Lewis Glucksman Gallery; the 183rd RHA Annual Exhibition; Willie Doherty, Secretion, The Annex, IMMA @ NCH; Starting Over, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios; Maurice Gunning, Source, DanceHouse; and Experiments With Photography, Stoney Road Press. We would like to acknowledge the hard work that has gone into each one of these, most of it behind the scenes, by passionate and dedicated professionals – it is our intention to highlight them, and invite you to enjoy them.

The 30 exhibitions in the CANON Open Programme offer a varied array of works, from Hugh McElveen to Marian Schmidt, and exciting venues like Faber Studios, The Chocolate Factory, Siteation, and the New Art Gallery. We are delighted to include the University of Ulster’s Photography MFA show, at South Studios; it is certainly an outstanding exhibition.

This year, we have placed special attention on developing the Summer Campus into ‘a space to converse, reflect and create’. You will enjoy the latest photobooks, magazines and fanzines, plus our modest yet mind-boggling collection of over 800 contemporary publications from The Library Project. The 6th Fotobook Festival Kassel, brings for the first time to Ireland, and all the way from Germany, the 50 shortlisted books from their international open submission. Also for the first time, the best works from POPCAP ‘13 prize for Contemporary African Photography will be exhibited in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. The Summer Campus includes a great selection of talks, workshops and films, all listed in this catalogue.

Screened at the IFI, Dublin, Cathy Pearson’s ‘Get The Picture’, explores the career of John G Morris, former Picture Editor for Life Magazine, The New York Times and executive editor of Magnum Photos. It is a fascinating insight into seventy years of a professional career that saw him dealing with the most important photojournalists, and how it affected his worldview.

List of Exhibitions and Events


New Irish Works, at NPA, Dublin,  Barry W. Hughes, Dorje de Burgh, Dragana Jurisic, Kevin Griffin, Linda Brownlee, Robert Ellis, and Shannon Guerrico, 21 Jun-3 Aug
New Irish Works, at Ormston House, Limerick,  Claudi Nir, Cáit Fahey, Caroline Mc Nally, Grainne Quinlan, Ieva Baltaduonyte, Miriam O’ Connor, and Roseanne Lynch,  4-27 Jul
New Irish Works at TACTIC, Cork,  David Smith, Mandy O’Neill, Martin Cregg, Maurice Gunning, Muireann Brady, Patrick Hogan, and Yvette Monahan. 6-27 Jul
Paul Gaffney, We Make the Path by Walking, 2012, Paul Gaffney, 11-30 Jul
Ethna O’Regan, Any Moment Now, 2012. 28 Jun-26 Jul
Shane Lynam, Banlieue de Paris – Contours, 2010-2012, 2 Jul-30 Aug
Stefania Sapio, Spectrum, 2009-13, 25 Jun-24 Jul
Cristina De Middel, The Afronauts, 14 Jul-2 Aug
David Galjaard, Concresco, 14 Jul-2 Aug
Uncertain State, 21 Jun-11 Aug
Willie Doherty, Secretion, 21 May-1 Sep
183rd RHA Annual Exhibition,  Kate Byrne, David Farrell, Patrick Hogan, Theresa Nanigan, Claudi Nir, Abigail O’Brien, Kenneth O’Halloran, Dominic Turner. 28 May-17 Aug
Starting Over, Alan Brooks, Gerard Byrne, Tacita Dean, Scott Myles, Mark O’Kelly,  21 Jun-17 Aug
Experiments With Photography,Amelia Stein, Sara Lee, 1 Jul–31 Jul
Maurice Gunning, Source, 1 May-31 Dec
The Artist’s Eye: Photographic Portraits of Artists, 29 Mar-7 Jul
Cruel and Unusual, Alyse Emdur, Amy Elkins, Araminita De Clermont, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Christiane Feser, Jane Lindsay, Nathalie Mohdjer, Deborah Luster, Lizzie Sadin, Yana Payusova and Lori Waselchuk. 13 June-7 Jul
Eugene Langan, All Things Undying, 27 Jun-18 Jul
Thaís Medina, Brazilian Packaged Miracles, 26 Jun-15 Aug
Rosanne Lynch, matter, 27 Jun-9 Jul
Phosthetics, Mike Brits, David Frain, Kevin Goss-Ross, Adrian Heffernan, Oxana Kiryashoff, Paul Marconi,Chris Rosenfeldt. 1-10 Jul
Anne Marie O’Brien, Equiscapes, 1-21 Jul
On The Street, Joe Carson, David Gray, Gerry O Dea, Paddy Mc Cabe, and Richard Whelan, 1-27 Jul
GM Spiers, Hope & Salvation in Addis Ababa, 1-31 Jul
Irene Barry, Anne Carroll, James Gould, 3-31 Jul
Jason Lowe, A Common Ground,  3 Jul-2 Aug
Abroad, Aine Belton, Eoin Cumiskey, Kate Kelly Murphy, Billy Kenrick, Erin Quinn, Mark Murray, Louise Scott, Philip Sliney, Maureen Trainor. 3-14 Jul
Dublin Camera Club Annual Show, Dates. 3-27 Jul
Urban Perspectives, Eyal Binehaker. Mary Cimetta, Sagi Kortler, Seamus Travers, Alex Levac, Felix Lupa. 5-12 Jul
Hugh McElveen, Talking About Paying For Sex, 4-16 Jul
Signal | Echo | Trace, David Barbour, Geraldine Coakley, Michelle Dempsey, Philip Doyle, Sally Graver, John MacMenamin, Niamh Moloney and Brenda Quinn. 5-11 Jul
Where is your Heart? Where is your Head?,  Paolo Bergomi, Gavin Collis, Angelina Foster, Marek Kubinek, Anna-Louise Hally and Tamara Him. 5-19 Jul
Unseen Dreams, Oksana Afonina and Varvara Perekrest,  8-14 Jul
Karol Jóźwiak, Perfect Portrait,10-21 Jul
Patrick Donald, Landscape Images of Kerry, 10-31 Jul
The Beginning of the Sharpness, Gerry Blake, Mary D’Arcy, Klaudia Drulis, Alan Holland, Barry Kennedy, Serena Kitt, Catherine Lennon, James Lillis, Aisling McCoy, Alison McDonnell & Nicola Whelan. 11-18 Jul
Assembly, Aoife Carberry, Claire Chaney, Sarah Edmondson, Brendan Fox, Lauralee Guiney. 12-21 Jul
Present-tense, Gordon Ashbridge, Paul Corcoran, Jean Curran, Martin McGagh, Francis O’Riordan, Paul Gaffney, Eoin O’Conaill, Rory O’Neill, Emma McGuire, Dave Hussey, Yvette Monahan, Joanna McNulty and Chai Green. 12-18 Jul
Conor McMahon, A Hole In The Sun, 12-26 Jul
Michael Byrne, Landscapes, 15-26 Jul
Collective, 16-28 Jul
Call It What You Will, Maria Finucane, Shelagh Honan, Mike McLoughlin, Fiona O’Dwyer, Marie Phelan. 19-23 Jul
Dis-man-tle, Willemein Koelink, Madeleine Maher, Rosa Meagher, Judy O’Connell, Philip Sliney, 19-31 Jul
Turning Silver out of Dark Grasses,  David Nugent, Karen Tierney, Cindy Morrissey. 19-24 Jul
Marian Schmidt, Three Regards, 19 Jul-17 Aug
Rose Comiskey, Against the Tide, 27 Jul-2 Aug
Jeanette Lowe, Pearse House: Village in the City, Dates, 1 Aug-6 Oct


Summer Campus 2013:A space to converse, reflect and create.11-14 Jul
Book & Magazine Fair 2013,  11-14 Jul
On Photographic Narratives, Workshop with Cristina De Middel, Dates: 11-13 Jul
Castle Print, 13 Jul
David Galjaard Presentation + Open Dummy Review, 13 Jul
Hidden Light Gallery, 20-22 jul
Photography Workshops at Block T,  8/ 15/ 22/ 29 Jul


New Irish works talks at Crawford College of art and design Cork, Join Patrick Hogan, Mandy O’Neill, Yvette Monahan, and Martin Cregg, 27 Jul
RHA Talk: Donal Curtin & Anne Donohue, 4 Jul
Art Form Evening: Photography, Amelia Stein, 3 Jul
On Framing – Rubio from Hang Tough Framing, 14 Jul
Summer Campus 2013:A space to converse, reflect and create. 11-14 Jul
Orla Fitzpatrick: The Photobook in Ireland, 18 Jul
Jose Luis Neves: On Artists’s Books and Photobooks, 14 Jul
On Photographic Trends,  Moritz Neumuller, Benjamin Füglister,  Stefano Stoll, Rui Prata, 13 Jul
Fotobook Festival Kassel presents Daido Moriyama, Dieter Neubert,  Marcus Schaden, 12 Jul
Book & Magazine Fair 2013,  11-14 Jul
6th International Fotobook Festival Kassel, 11-14 Jul
Jörg M. Colberg: The promises and ongoing challenges of Photography on the Internet, 12 Jul
Photo 2.0 – Online Photographic Thinking, Andy Adams Lecture, 12 Jul
Castle print in photobook, 13 Jul
Eric Stephanian: The Arrogance of Empathy, 13 Jul
David Galjaard Presentation + Open Dummy Review, 13 Jul
Cristina De Middel in conversation with Sean O’Hagan.13 Jul
Uncertain State, 21 Jun-11 Aug
On Photography & Antifoto, Böhm/Kobayashi, 14 Jul
Get The Picture, directed by Cathy Pearson, 16 Jul
Hidden Light Gallery, 20-22 jul
Occupy Space – Reading Room, 19-21 Jul

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