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Ireland’s International Festival of Photography & Image Culture.

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PhotoIreland Festival 2011

PhotoIreland Festival 2011

Having had a successful start in 2010, PhotoIreland continued the celebration of Photography in 2011 with a great programme of events. The festival was divided into 6 strands, all of them with their own set of exhibitions and/or events.

They are as follows:

Collaborative Change

For July 2011, PhotoIreland Festival presents ‘Collaborative Change’, a series of events that investigate the possibilities of collaborative approaches within artistic and non-artistic disciplines. The events include a symposium on the theme in collaboration with GradCAM, exhibitions by photographic collectives and site-specific installations and events by two curatorial teams.
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Photobooks and Open Call 2011

Framed within our focus on photobooks, we will present ‘Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade’, an exhibition of 30 international photobooks, hand-picked by the world-famous photographer and photographic bibliophile. Running in parallel will be PhotoIreland‘s first Book and Magazine Fair, which includes an International Open Call for photo books, in cooperation with Blurb.
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Featured Exhibitions and Events

The Featured Exhibitions & Events is the strand of the programme that highlights those organised outside the main theme of the festival. Within this context, it is exciting to work again with the Gallery of Photography, the Instituto Cervantes, the Mexican Embassy and the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, and to enjoy the kind support of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Douglas Hyde Gallery and the Temple Bar Gallery and Studios – all of them adding a stimulating component to the discussion around Photography that we particularly appreciate and acknowledge.
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Collecting Photography

Special attention is placed this year to collecting Photography: a set of talks around that add emphasis to the unique David Kronn exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). It includes two talks: by David Kronn himself and by Seán Kissane, Head of Exhibitions at IMMA.
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Under the banner of Summer Campus, a set of workshops, talks and screenings will help us all gain knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. It sets a starting point for our first summer residency project, starting next year.
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On the OFF programme, the open area of the festival, many individual efforts have made possible to offer a selection of over 40 exhibitions around the city of Dublin, by photographers and artists of all levels. Let me mention our special interest in Sean Hillen’s and Mark Curran’s work.
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List of Exhibitions and Events


Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade, Martin Parr’s, 15 July-14 August
Extracts from EDEN/Ausschnitte aus EDEN by Mark Curran, 14-31 July
Book & Magazine Fair, 15-31 July
Achill / Fictionary by Linda Brownlee/Holly McGlynn, 1-28 July
Versions and Diversions Curated by Karen Downey, 14 July–20 August
History of Disappearance by The Franklin Furnace, New York, 15-31 July
Out of the Dark Room: The David Kronn Collection. Harry Callahan, Kenneth Josephson, Irving Penn and Brett Weston, Asako Narahashi,Nicolai Howalt, Trine Sondergaard, 20 July–9 October
RHA Annual Exhibition 2011 Amelia Stein, Gary Coyle, Eilis O’Connell, Abigail O’Brien, 25 May to 30 July
The Long View, at the Gallery of Photography, David Farrell, Anthony Haughey, Richard Mosse, Jackie Nickerson, Paul Seawright, Donovan Wylie, 1 July–28 August
Photographs 1908-1940, by Luis Ramón Marín, 7 July – 23 September
Home, group show, Karen Miranda Rivadeneria and Dante Busquets, 1-15 July
Not Natasha, curated by FOMACS, Dana Popa, 7 July to 5 August
Long Way To Paradise, 15-31 July
Mexican Worlds: 25 Contemporary Photographers, Alejandro Castellanos,  1-31 July
60 Years – Stories of Survival and Safe Haven,Karl Burke, Phil Behan, Kim Haughton, Lar Boland, Paulo Nunes, Crispin Rodwell, Helen Twomey, Florencia Saluzzo, Aislinn Delaney, Elena Hermosa,  8-18 July
Pride ‘n’ Prejudice by IADT 3rd Years, 9-15 July
Images of Germany. 8 photographic positions. Agency Ostkreuz, 8-29 July
Sommes-nous ? by Tendance Floue Collective, Tendance Floue, 1 July-17 Sep
The Arc of Realism 1911-1997, by Zofia Rydet, 1-15 July
Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt by Anne Schwalbe,  8 July–13 August
Ghost Shops, by Seán Hillen, 12 July–August 14
Non-Seasonal Changes, group show,The Photographers’ Collective, 3-6 July
Homeless Gallery, 3-6 July
We Are Focus, by Exchange Focus Photography Collective,  1 July – 14 July
SeeChange, Group Show,  8 – 29 July
The Shadow of James Joyce, by Motoko Fujita, 8 June – 24 July
Bleak Beauty, by Eugene Langan,  1-29 July
A Royal Wedding, by Five Eleven Ninety Nine. Jonny Cochrane, Simone Massera, Maria de la Iglesia, Hannah Lucy Jones, Samuel Bland, Teresa Cos,  1-30 July
Liquidity On The Chair Exposures by Mella Travers, 30 June–12 July
Take Another Left by Shane Connaughton & Diarmait Grogan, 8 July to 12 July
Traces Of The Real by Hugh McCabe, 1–25 July
Photo 2011 by Dublin Camera Club members,  5–26 July
A Calculated Attack: Guerilla Exhibition/Cork Analogue Photographers, 1-31 July
Glamour in the Blood by Debbie Castro,  5–31 July
Photo 19, by DIT 3rd Year Students,  21-31 July
Jewellery Box-Ireland’s Hidden Gems, by Daragh Muldowney, 6–31 July
Close to Home, University of Ulster MFA Graduate Show. Anthony Rush, Anne McCullough, Clare Gallagher , Laura Curran, Gavin Devine, Tim Doak, Christine Redmond, Bo Gort, Anne Cassidy, Robert Ellis, Laurie Campbell,  2-7 July
Chasing Shadows II. Claudi Nir, Louis Haugh, Kamile Matulaityte, Ian Mitton, Jamie Maxwell, Dominic Turner, Caitriona Dunnett, Gwen Wilkinson, Kasia Kesicka, Orla O’Brien, Alison Baker Kerrigan, Monica Fabijanczyk, Jason Lowe, Niamh Raftery, Monika Chmielarz, Maeve O’Neill, Dominique Beyens, and Lucy Nuzum.18-31 July
Sea Shift, group show,Margaret Brown, Dara Lawless, Christine Redmond  28 July-07 August
Life Imitating Art by Jeanette Lowe, 1–31 July
Conversations About Culture by Matthew Thompson,15-24 July
The Black Mirror by Seamus Sullivan, 6–10 July
Unreal City by Basil Al-Rawi and Dejan Karin, 1-10 July
Anger by Niall O’Brien, 7-12 July
Disclosures, group show. Fiona Dowling, Tansy Cowley, Peter Connor, Louis Haugh,  21–26 July
Rhythm of Light by Brid Coakley and John Hooton, 11 June–9 July
Four Floors Show at MadArt Gallery,  19-31 July
Africa: The Experience, by Bobby Kerr, 21 July–30 Sep
Landscapes of Cork, by Patrick Donald, 6–30 July
NCAD Photography and Digital Imaging Exhibition, 1-3 July
Between A & B, by Kevin McNicholas,  7–28 July
Shooting the Talented by Emily Quinn, 8 July to 10 July
A Beret Will Be Fine, by DIT 2nd Year Students, 30 June-7 July
Listen, group show, Dorje de Burghs, Samuel Laurence Cunnane, Maeve O’Neill, Ronan McCall, 14-19 July
One Night in the Killy by Pete Smyth, 9–24 July
Grey Area, by Arcadia Collective,  8–31 July
La Dolce Vita, by Joseph La Mela,  3-31 July


Dante Busquets talk on Mexican Photography, Dante Busquets, 30 July
Collaborative Change Symposium, 14 July
Martin Parr’s Lecture on Photobooks, Martin Parr, 15 July
Bruno Ceschel Lecture on Self Publish, Be Happy, by Bruno Ceschel, 16 July
Markus Schaden Lecture on Publishing, Markus Schaden,  16 July
The Sunday Society by Brown & Bri,  by Rachel Brown and Brighdin Farren, 16 July
The convergence of ideas by Brown & Bri, by Brown, Bri and Peter Richards,  17 July
Blurb Presents SHOW, Email Blurb,  16 July
On Irish Magazines: Source, SuperMassiveBlackHole, and Blow, 24 July
Source Magazine: Stock Take, Valerie Connor, Colin Graham, Justin Carville, 23 July
Talk by Sheena Malone on Photograph, 6 July
Photography in Contemporary Painting, Michael Hill, 27 July
What is Photography?, Fiona Loughnane, 23 July
Art Form Evening – Tour,  Amelia Stein, 14 July
Lunchtime Tour with Amelia Stein RHA, , Amelia Stein, 7 July
Presentation of Photobook Course in Madrid, Moritz Neumüller, 16 July
Seán Kissane on The David Kronn Collection, Seán Kissane and IMMA,  23 July
Bring Your Own Book,  24 July
The History of European Photography,  Prof. Václav Macek, 17 July
The Source Publication opportunity,  8 July
Marín: Guided Tours by the Festival Director, Ángel Luis González, 19-26 July
Presentation of PhotoIreland 2012, Ángel Luis González and Curator Moritz Neumüller, 17 July
Visual Artists Ireland Talk, 16 July
Off The Shelf – Grad Talks, Donna Kiernan, 18-22 July
Creating the Perfect Print supported by Canon, 19 July and 26 July
Chasing Shadows & Historical Processes, Ian Mitton, 28 July
Music Photography, by Naomi McArdle, Loreana Rushe, and Hugh McCabe, 21 July
Zofia Rydet: an Introduction, Zofia Rydet, 2 July
Zofia Rydet, The Exhibition. A talk by Karol Jozwiak, 30 June
Book Binding and Portfolio Options for Photographers,Tom Duffy,  20 July


Blurb Bookmaking Seminar,  16-17 July
Studio Lighting Workshop for contemporar art photographers, Mike O’Toole, 16-17 July
VAI Professional Development Programme,  23-24 July
Fine Art Printing – Advanced Techniques, 25-29 July
Photographic Archives – large format scanning as an archival resource, 18 July
Mounting techniques: the new and the alternatives,  7 July
Creating the Perfect Print supported by Canon, 19-26 July
Panoramic Imaging, 25 July
PhotoIreland Festival 2011 – Portfolio Preparation, 4 July
Large format scanning as a creative resource, 5-11 July
Pinhole to Digital Workshop for young Adults, 18-22 July
19th Century Photographic Printing in the 21st Century, Ian Mitton & Dominic Turner,  9-10 July
Book Binding and Portfolio Options for Photographers, Tom Duffy,   20 July
Wet Collodion 19th C. Photographic Process, Gwen Wilkinson, Golden Fleece Award 2011, 23-24 July


First Edition of the Book & Magazine Fair

Ireland’s first Book and Magazine Fair, dedicated to Photography, celebrated in Temple Bar, as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2011.

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