The Library Project: A cultural hub at the heart of Temple Bar.

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Started: 1 September 2013.
What: The Library Project, For visual culture and critical thinking.
When: Tue-Fri 11-6pm | Sat & Sun 12-6pm | Closed Mondays & Bank Holidays. 
The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2.
Why: Far more than an Art bookshop, a specialised photobook library, and a gallery, The Library Project is a cultural hub, multidisciplinary in its approach, and focused on Photography. The space offers visitors an open door to discover local and international contemporary Art practices through a careful selection of publications, and a variety of exhibitions and events.

The Library Project is run by the PhotoIreland Foundation since September 2013 at its present address; it is the ground floor gallery space of Black Church Print Studio’s purpose-built premises at 4 Temple Bar Street. Closing every January and September by contract to accommodate Black Church Print Studio’s exhibitions, the space is hypermobile in nature, ever-changing, and permanently creative, always preserving to some degree three elements: bookshop, library and gallery.

The library receives regular visits by students from centres like IADT, DIT, LSADGriffith CollegeColaiste DhulaighBurren College of ArtSouth Eastern Regional College, and NCAD, amongst others.

1-31 January The Library Project closes. Research
2-26 Feb
New Irish Works: Aisling McCoy, The Radiant City and Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, The Passenger
2-19 Mar New Irish Works: Caitriona Dunnett, Mass Paths and Yvette Monahan, The Thousand Year Old Boy
6-23 Apr New Irish Works: Miriam O’ Connor, Tomorrow is Sunday and Emer Gillespie, Fallen Women
4-21 May New Irish Works: Robert McCormack, Facade and David Thomas Smith, Arecibo
1-18 Jun New Irish Works: Roseanne Lynch, Eloquent Proof and Kate Nolan, LACUNA
1-31 September The Library Project closes. Research
2-19 Nov 
23-25 Nov
 Dublin Gallery Weekend Events
8-24 Dec Marrow, Jane Cummins

1-31 January New Irish Works: The Library Project closes. Research
1-31 July New Irish Works: Mandy O’Neill, Promise & Daragh Soden, Young Dubliners
4-21 Aug New Irish Works: Noel Bowler, Union & Dara McGrath, Project Cleansweep
1-31 September New Irish Works: The Library Project closes. Research
6-23 October New Irish Works: Jill Quigley, Cottages of Quigley’s Point & Jan McCullough, Home Instruction Manual
3-17 Nov New Irish Works: Matthew Thompson, Solitary & Shane Lynam, Inner Field
10-13 Nov New Irish Works at Espace Lhomond – Paris Photo 2016
8-24 December New Irish Works: Enda Bowe, At Mirrored River & Éanna de Fréine, Tales from Beneath the Arches

Artists & Events presented in 2014

In Search of The Truth: Afghanistan by Jim Ricks – 13 February 2014
The Life Of Psy, by Maciej Pestka – 27 February 2014
Eamonn Doyle ‘I’ Exhibition & Photo book Launch, as part of St. Patrick’s Festival – 14 March 2014
Making Space: Transform Your CityOFFSET – 15 March 2014
Bill Murray: Chasing The White Whale – OFFSETHunt & Gather – 20 March 2014
Exhibition: NEOP, by Barry Hughes – 1 April 2014
‘C.30 C60 C90 GO’ Neue Collective – Recent Graduates from NCAD – 14 April 2014
Study Room Boxes (Live Collision International Festival 2014) – 24 April 2014
The Contract – Olena Bulygina & Natalia Pokrovskyar – 2 May 2014
Contemporary Photography in Ukraine & Russia – Talk by Olena Bulygina & Natalia Pokrovskyar – 8 May 2014
‘Undone’ by Daire O’ Driscoll – Launch Party – 8 May 2014
Connecting Generations: Past, Present & Future Self Through Photography – 22 May 2014
In Pursuit of Beauty – Visual Representation of Real Women – 24 May 2014
Bealtaine Festival – Kids Handmade Works – 5 June 2014
Residency: A Group Exhibition by 3rd Year IADT Students as Part Of The Canon Open Programme – 6 June 2014
Exhibition: Zines Of The Zone – 10 June 2014
The Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2013 – 3 July 2014
Thread Magazine Launch – 25 July 2014
Ensembles Assembled – Katrin Korfmann – 2 August 2014
We Are Here Issue 4 – 7 August 2014
Superstitious Aura – Grainne Tynan  – 14 August 2014
Pigment Exhibition  – 18 August 2014
Self Talk Book Launch – Paul Walsh – 22 August 2014
Zoo Logical – David O’Shaughnessy – 25 August 2014

Artists & Events presented in 2013

Culture Night – 2 September 2013
Sell Your Own Books (SYOB) – 22 September 2013
Show & Tell with Read That Image – 28 September 2013
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam Book Showcase- 2 October 2013
TLP Celebrates Open House Dublin: Architectural Books from the collection on Display – 4 October 2013
Visit by Le Cool Dublin Experience Walking Tour – 12 October 2013
Exhibition: Eoin Moylan at TLP – 26 October 2013
Speil @ The Summit presented by Le Cool and Pilcrow – 4 November 2013
The Peroni Nastro Azzurro Design Awards – 5 November 2013
Making Space ResidencyThe Project Twins – 21 November 2013
Making Space ResidencyMick Minogue – 24 November 2013
Making Space Residency – Kitty Moss Presenting ‘Lazy Moon’ – 12 December 2013
Making Space Residency – Lynn Rothwell and Cait Fahey  – 21 December 2013
TLP at The Dublin Flea Market and Block T Christmas Market – 13 December 2013

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